Brookfield is a growing community with a population of approximately 16, 000.There are four schools in the public school system, one private school, and several nursery schools Brookfield is a town located in northern Fairfield County in the southern foot hills of the Berkshire Mountains. Brookfield was an area of rich farm lands In the 1700's it was called Newbury In 1778 the Town was incorporated.  

The name Newbury was changed to Brookfield in honor of the Reverend Thomas Brooks there was industry along the Still River As early as 1732,Indian trails were the first roads for travel At one time there were two train stations Electricity was first brought to Brookfield in 1915.By the late 1920's electricity was in more demand. A reservoir for the water was needed. By 1928 Candlewood Lake was formed. It is the largest man-made lake in Connecticut. The town hosts many restaurants, shops and parks. It is a beautiful area with quality forests and walking trails.

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