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Redding Connecticut
  • Redding
    Town in Connecticut
  • Redding is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 9,158 at the 2010 census.
  • Population: 8,270 (2000)
  • Area: 32.1 sq miles (83.14 km²)
  • Weather: 68°F (20°C), Wind 0 mph (0 km/h), 96% Humidity


Redding CT. History

  • The first Congregational meeting house was completed in 1732, on the old town green
  • a second meeting house on Great Pasture Rd. replaced it in 1752,
  • 1837 Methodists build their own church on present location of Congregational Church, also
  • a new Congregational Meeting House was built in 1837 (location Great Pasture Rd.),
  • 1868 Methodist Church numbers growing and church remodeled,
  • 1893 Congregational Meeting House remodeled,
  • 1921 Methodists and Congregationalists both suffering vacant pulpits, decling memberships and financial difficulties start holding joint services, Congregational Meeting house used in warm weather, Methodist building used in the cold and wintery months,
  • 1929, two churches joined as one, enter 8th successful year together, becoming Federated Church or Federation,
  • 1938, indications that Congregational building no longer in use,
  • 1942, Congregational Building on Great Pasture Rd. lost to fire, services continue in Redding Center's Methodist building,
  • 1948, questions about who owns church building in Redding Center arise- answer: Methodists,
  • 1952, storm damages to the building in 1950 repaired,
  • 1956 questions of building ownership come up again,
  • 1960, first mention that the building will revert to Congregational society after May 1961, and does...Federated Church becomes 1st Church of Christ Congregational.

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