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We are the 55plus Home Specialists in Connecticut.

What does that mean, and why is that important to you? Whether you're just investigating 55 plus communities or have been wondering about them for a while or even if they are the right fit for you, you've come to the right place. We have the expertise and experience to help answer that question,

We are 55+ home specialists. In Connecticut, we have been for 8 years. We have sold over 100, 55 plus homes in the last few years. We receive over 500 leads a year for people wanting to buy or sell in a 55 plus community. We currently oversee 40 of these communities in Connecticut.

What it means for you are knowledge and experience. We know these communities, inside and out. We know where they are and all they have to offer. We know all the different types of homes, geographically where they are, price ranges, size of the community, as well as all the amenities they offer, or lack thereof.

When someone inquires about one of these communities, we can match and/or suggest all the different ones that might fit the bill for that client.

When we list a home for sale in 55 plus communities, we have the knowledge and experience, again to market all the benefits of a particular community, as well as the inquiries of buyers to show it to.

We have taken the time from day one to know all our communities inside and out. We visited them and have gotten to know them very well over the years. We take pride in that. We have many happy clients that have given us great recommendations for working with us in these communities.


"We couldn't ask for a more interactive agent. We've moved 7 times since being married and without a doubt, Marvin has demonstrated over and over again what it takes to be an excellent agent. Both my wife and I would gladly recommend him to any potential real estate seller and/or buyer. This experience has been one of the easiest and best for us! Thank you Marvin! Bought a Condo (Oxford,CT) and sold a home ( in Woodbury, CT.) in 2021 in Oxford, CT. 4/12/21" -John and Karen Dellorso

"Marvin is a great listener. He found us a home we couldn't find using other brokers. The home matched all our wish list items. Marvin also provided us with referrals to other services we needed as we relocated from a different state and had no local people to call on. Marlene and I highly recommend Marvin Beninson."-Harry Gittlitz


We are regular Realtors and have been for 30 years. These days, 50% of what we sell are 55+ homes and 50% are regular residential homes. We also work on helping people list their present homes so the move into a 55+ home can be a little easier. This way we can coordinate it all, so it can all move along as smoothly as possible. We offer downsizing, staging, cleanout, and repair advice to get your present home ready to sell. We also have people we can refer you to, to help with all that, too. Our goal is to guide you all along the way. In the end, we want you to truly love the 55+ home and community that you choose to move into!


For more information, feel free to contact us at any time at: Connect With Us

Marvin and Laura Beninson can be reached at 203 733 0147 or Marvinb@kw.com, or you can visit our website at www.ct55plus.com.